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Nerf Fortnite Pump SG

Nerf Fortnite Pump SG
Nerf Fortnite Pump SG Nerf Fortnite Pump SG Nerf Fortnite Pump SG

The feared shotgun known from the first Fortnite season now as a mega blaster.

  • Original Nerf Quality
  • Popular shotgun from Fortnite as Nerf Mega Blaster
  • Single Bolt Action
  • 4 Nerf Mega Darts included
  • Stylish reload slider
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Nerf Fortnite Pump SG
Nerf Fortnite Pump SG Nerf Fortnite Pump SG Nerf Fortnite Pump SG
38,99 €
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Product Information

Fortnite everywhere

This blaster looks identical to its digital role model. For all fans of the game this is a must have!

Sigle Bolt Pump Action

Simply insert the Mega Dart into the side. Pump the slide back and forth and you're ready to go.

Mega Darts

A Mega Dart is larger than ordinary Nerf darts. Thus, it flies more stable than its elite brothers. The size also makes the Mega Dart much easier to find after it has been fired.

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Product details
  • 561113
  • NERF Mega Series
  • Hasbro
    • Nerf Fortnite Pump SG,6 Nerf Elite darts
Attention! Not suitable for children age 3 or younger. Attention! Do not aim at eyes or face.
To avoid injury: Only use original darts. Other darts may not meet safety standards. Do not modify darts or dart blaster. Shot distances are estimates and are based on test data. Actual blaster results will vary and depend on the condition of the darts and other factors.
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