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Nerf Blaster

Nerf is the best known manufacturer of Dartblasters and Water-Blasters with probably the largest assortment. With the classics Maverick and Recon as well as the Super Soaker series, the manufacturer from the USA began its triumphal march and still offers a large selection of high-quality blasters with many accessories. read more
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NERF - N-Strike Elite Disruptor -50%
NERF Classics
Dartblaster Disruptor
19,99 € 39,99 € (RRP)
Blasterparts - Tuning-Mega-Pack suitable for NERF Retaliator, incl. 30 Darts Drum Magazine, Tuning-Spring & Blaster -36%
NERF Classics
Tuning Mega Pack incl. NERF Retaliator Blaster,Drum Magazine, Tuning Spring
76,99 € 119,99 € (RRP)
NERF - Elite 2.0 Flipshots Flip-32 -59%
NERF N-Strike Elite 2.0
Dartblaster Elite 2.0 Flip 32
29,99 € 73,99 € (RRP)
The Mandalorian - Nerf Imperial Death Trooper Blaster -40%
Nerf Imperial Death Trooper Blaster
29,99 € 49,99 € (RRP)
Nerf Alpha Strike Flyte CS-10 motorized 10 dart blaster -20%
Nerf Alpha Strike
Nerf Alpha Strike Flyte CS-10 motorized 10 dart blaster
19,99 € 24,99 € (RRP)
NERF - Zombie Strike Hammershot -10%
NERF Classics
Dartblaster Hammershot
26,99 € 29,99 € (RRP)
NERF - Elite Disruptor 2x pack -20%
NERF Classics
Dartblaster Elite Disruptor 2x pack
39,99 € 49,99 € (RRP)
NERF - MEGA MotoStryke -43%
NERF Mega Series
Dartblaster MotoStryke
39,99 € 69,99 € (RRP)
NERF - N-Strike Elite XD Modulus Recon MKII Blaster Core -21%
NERF Classics
Dartblaster Recon MKII Basis-Blaster
14,99 € 18,99 € (RRP)
Double Wolf Pack with target -57%
Targets and Toys
Double Wolf Pack with target!
24,99 € 57,99 € (RRP)
Nerf N-Strike Elite Snapfire
NERF Classics
Nerf N-Strike Elite Snapfire
9,99 €
NERF - Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS-6
NERF N-Strike Elite 2.0
Dartblaster Phoenix CS-6
39,99 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite AccuStrike AlphaHawk -50%
NERF Classics
Dartblaster AlphaHawk
39,99 € 79,99 € (RRP)
NERF - N-Strike Elite Strongarm Set -30%
NERF Classics
Dartblaster Strongarm 2 Pack
34,99 € 49,99 € (RRP)
Dartblaster Nerf HALO MA40
49,99 € 69,99 € (RRP)
NERF - Fortnite SP-L (Supressed Pistol) Dartblaster -22%
NERF Classics
Spring-loaded blaster SP-L "Supressed Pistol"
20,99 € 26,99 € (RRP)
NERF Fortnite GL (Grenade Launcher) -59%
Dartblaster Nerf Fortnite GL (Grenade Launcher)
34,99 € 84,99 € (RRP)
Dartblaster NERF - Accustrike RaptorStrike
NERF Classics
Accustrike RaptorStrike
89,99 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite SurgeFire -23%
NERF Classics
Dartblaster SurgeFire
22,99 € 29,99 € (RRP)
NERF - N-Strike Elite 2-in-1 Demolisher -17%
NERF Classics
Dartblaster Demolisher
49,99 € 59,99 € (RRP)
Nerf Halo Bulldog SG Blaster -33%
Dartblaster Halo Bulldog SG
29,99 € 44,99 € (RRP)
NERF - N-Strike Elite Triad
NERF Classics
Dartblaster Triad
12,99 €
Refill Dart Pack - Nerf Ultra AccuStrike 20 / 60 / 100 / 200 Pc..
Nerf Ultra
Refill pack of 20 Ultra AccuStrike darts
from 9,99 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite Hyperfire
NERF Classics
Dartblaster Hyperfire
79,99 €
NERF - Alpha Strike Wolf LR-1 -8%
Nerf Alpha Strike
Dartblaster Wolf LR-1
11,99 € 12,99 € (RRP)
NERF - N-Strike Elite Rukkus ICS-8 -54%
NERF N-Strike Elite
Dartblaster Rukkus ICS-8
15,99 € 34,99 € (RRP)
NERF - MicroShots Firestrike -43%
NERF Microshots
MicroShots Firestrike
7,99 € 13,99 € (RRP)
Nerf - Ultra Strike -38%
Dartblaster Ultra Strike Gewehr
49,99 € 79,99 € (RRP)
NERF - N-Strike Elite Modulus Barrelstrike -33%
NERF Classics
Dartblaster Barrelstrike
19,99 € 29,99 € (RRP)
NERF - N-Strike Elite Rough Cut -25%
NERF Classics
Dartblaster Rough Cut
29,99 € 39,99 € (RRP)
NERF - N-Strike Elite XD Modulus Tri-Strike Mega Dart Launcher
NERF N-Strike Elite Modulus
Barrel extension Mega-Dartblaster
14,99 €
Nerf Fortnite Pump SG -25%
NERF Mega Series
Dartblaster Pump SG
29,99 € 39,99 € (RRP)
NERF - Elite 2.0 Prospect QS-4 Blaster -32%
NERF N-Strike Elite 2.0
Dartblaster Elite 2.0 Prospect QS-4 Pistole
12,99 € 18,99 € (RRP)
Double Disruptor Pack with target -27%
Targets and Toys
two Disruptor with Target
54,99 € 74,99 € (RRP)
NERF Classics
38,99 € 64,99 € (RRP)
NERF - N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock -25%
NERF Classics
Dartblaster CycloneShock
29,99 € 39,99 € (RRP)
NERF N-Strike ELITE Jolt -5%
NERF Classics
Dartblaster Jolt EX-1
18,99 € 19,99 € (RRP)
NERF - N-Strike Elite Shellstrike DS-6 -33%
NERF N-Strike Elite
Dartblaster Shellstrike DS-6
19,99 € 29,99 € (RRP)
NERF - MicroShots Hammershot -43%
NERF Microshots
MicroShots Hammershot
7,99 € 13,99 € (RRP)
NERF - Zombie Strike Sidestrike -17%
NERF Classics
Dartblaster Sidestrike
18,99 € 22,99 € (RRP)
NERF Classics
Dartblaster Strongarm
24,99 € 29,99 € (RRP)
NERF - Alpha Strike Stinger SD-1 Dart Blaster -20%
Nerf Alpha Strike
NERF Alpha Strike Stinger SD-1
7,99 € 9,99 € (RRP)
NERF - N-Strike Elite Mega RotoFury -11%
NERF Classics
Mega-Dartblaster RotoFury
39,99 € 44,99 € (RRP)
NERF - N-Strike Elite DoubleDown
NERF Classics
Dartblaster DoubleDown
19,99 €
Nerf DinoSquad Rex-Rampage -53%
Dartblaster Rex-Rampage
29,99 € 63,99 € (RRP)
Dartblaster NERF - N-Strike Zombie Alternator -37%
NERF Classics
N-Strike Zombie Alternator
18,99 € 29,99 € (RRP)
NERF - MicroShots Strongarm -14%
NERF Microshots
MicroShots Strongarm
11,99 € 13,99 € (RRP)
NERF - Elite 2.0 Warden DB-8 -14%
NERF N-Strike Elite 2.0
Dartblaster Warden DB-8
29,99 € 34,99 € (RRP)
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NERF Blaster or the so-called NERF Gun - The pioneer!

The NERF Gun was clearly the pioneer in terms of dart blasters. The classics NERF Maverick and NERF Recon were the ones that helped NERF and dart blasters in general to their global triumph and inspire and influence current developments to this day. But the world of NERF Guns has evolved a lot since then. From kid-friendly Microshot NERFs to fully automatic Minigun NERF Gatling Guns, there's something for everyone. And even if in the meantime other manufacturers and brands like BuzzBee, X-ShotCEDA or BOOMco. offer great blasters, NERF is still the non plus ultra of the blaster world. 

We are Blasterparts, your shop for NERF Dart Blasters and much more from the world of blasters! Our extensive range includes NERF Guns, matching accessories, other blaster brands, and much more. In this category, you can exclusively buy original Hasbro NERF Blasters. Our NERF online shop is constantly expanding with the latest NERF models, making us Europe's leading online shop for NERF and other blasters. But the dart blaster hobby offers much more than just buying the blaster. If you want to tune and mod your NERF, Blasterparts has you covered! From tools to the right attachments and components for NERF, you'll find everything you need to disappear into your hobby room with your NERF for many hours.

Buying a NERF Blaster - tradition and innovation

NERF Guns are much more than just a toy for children, they also have a real collector's value for adults. In addition to classics, such as the Recon, the Maverick or the NERF Longshot, which are reissued in improved variants to this day, there are also always new developments and innovative approaches at Hasbro NERF. For example, the Sledgefire with its unusual cocking mechanism and a sleeve ejection for the shot dart. The absolute favorites of all NERF collectors and blaster enthusiasts are, of course, the NERF Stryfe Elite model and the highly customizable NERF Modulus N-Strike Blaster. The Nerf Accustrike is also a model that is often modified. There's also the Infinus, which can load darts into the blaster's magazine while in operation through a clever system, and the NERF Evader, which lights up with a press and can even illuminate attachments with its own LEDs.

It's challenging to determine the best NERF Guns because there are simply too many criteria to consider! An absolute queen of modifications remains the N-Strike Elite Stryfe. There are plenty of tuning and modding parts available for this NERF gun on our platform. Unfortunately, the blaster is a discontinued model, but with the NERF Elite 2.0 Series and the Nerf Phoenix CS-6, there is a successor that fits to many Stryfe parts. Also indispensable among blaster enthusiasts are the NERF Retaliator and the NERF Rampage, both reliable blasters that offer numerous customization options. Then there are hard-to-find blasters with collector's value, practically legends, such as the original NERF Stampede.

If one goes purely by distance, it might be the NERF Ultra One with its incredible 36m, if we believe Hasbro. Or is it ultimately just a good, simple blaster for everyone, like the NERF Disruptor or NERF Hammershot? Our sales figures suggest the latter. The list could go on forever, but however you look at it, the world of Nerf Blasters and how you evaluate them remains purely subjective. The NERF you choose to buy and adore is influenced by personal preferences. From our perspective, every NERF can become something special with enough creativity, and collecting and modifying them is a great hobby.

Series - NERFs key to success

NERF dart blasters don't just appear individually; they are always part of specific series that define the characteristics and appearance of the blasters. For instance, blasters from the Zombie Strike series typically have an improvised look, are reliable, and are mostly pump-action blasters. Classics of this series include the Hammershot, Scravenger, or the tool-like Nerf Zombiestrike Nailbiter. On the other hand, the NERF Modulus series has a plethora of attachments that can be combined freely. The N-Strike Elite Series stands out for its exceptional power, with the N-Strike Elite Stryfe being a standout due to various available bodykits and attachments that allow you to recreate the look of an M-4, MP5, or AK-47. The N-Strike Elite 2.0 Series is the successor, though not as easily customizable as its predecessors. However, many blaster attachments also work for this NERF series.
One of the newest series is the NERF Ultra series, which shines with completely new flight-improved darts and very high range. The MEGA Blaster, on the other hand, shoot extra-large Mega Darts that are heavier and have different flight characteristics. Or perhaps you prefer the small but mighty NERF Microshot  blasters? If you want to buy a NERF gun, you can find them all with us!
But that's not all. Hasbro's NERF series also collaborates with major brands to release licensed NERF blasters. Foremost and first among them was Star Wars NERF! For quite some time, you've been able to buy a Chewbacca NERF blaster, Star Wars Stormtrooper blaster, or the NERF Mandalorian blaster. These are often painted and used for conventions and cosplay. The second major brand is NERF Fortnite. This collaboration resulted in quirky, fun Fortnite NERF blasters hitting the market. Fortnite toy weapons are especially popular with kids, featuring highly exaggerated designs inspired by the game. We also have NERF blasters from the NERF Star Wars or NERF Fortnite series in our lineup.

How does a NERF Gun work, and what can you modify on it?

Basically, all NERF Dart Blasters operate on a few key principles. There are the single-shot pump-action guns and repeater blasters from NERF, which are manually primed using a loading lever or handle. These are purely mechanical and work through a tensioned spring in the blaster, which is compressed during the loading process. Pulling the trigger releases the spring, creating pressure that propels the dart out of the blaster.

Then there are the automatic blasters that can shoot multiple darts in a row. These typically have a larger clip that feeds into the blaster, with a small motor block called a cage at the end, housing rotating flywheels. The motorized flywheels spin, and pulling the trigger propels the NERF darts between them, causing them to be ejected from the blaster.

Both types of mechanisms can be modified. You can install a stronger spring in NERF spring-powered blasters or upgrade the flywheels, cages, and motors in automatic NERF blasters. Stronger battery sets, known as Voltage Mods, can also enhance the performance of automatic NERF blasters. At Blasterparts, you can find tuning parts for almost every NERF blaster.

For all blasters, including NERF guns, you can also change their appearance through painting and coating. Modifying them visually is a popular practice in the blaster community and is referred to as modding. If you're looking for ideas on how to visually modify your blaster, be sure to check out our impressive examples in the Blasterparts customer gallery. Many of the modded blasters are from our community forum, blasted.de. Are you excited to dive into the NERF and dart blaster hobby? Whether you're looking for the right blaster for the next NERF battle or just some fun for your kids in the garden, Blasterparts NERF is the right address for all blaster fans!

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