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If you are looking for a dart blaster challenge, you have hit the bull's eye with this category. Here you can find interactive targets, cans and much more for target practice. read more
Electronic Folding Targets for Nerf and Dartblaster - X3
Electronic Folding Targets for Dartblaster - X3
14,99 €
Double Wolf Pack with target -57%
Double Wolf Pack with target!
24,99 € 57,99 € (RRP)
Electronic target for Nerf and dart blaster - DX7 -8%
Blasterparts Tuning & Modding
Electronic target for dart blaster - DX7
22,99 € 24,90 € (RRP)
Snapfire Party Pack with target -54%
four Snapfire Blaster Set with Target
29,99 € 64,99 € (RRP)
Double Skins Drad Pack with target -40%
Blaster Set with Target
44,99 € 74,99 € (RRP)
Nerf Elite Junior Rookie Pack NEW
Junior Rookie Pack
29,99 €
Stand for Target Disc DX1 - STX
Blasterparts accessories
Stand for Target Disc DX1 - STX
9,99 €
Double Disruptor Pack with target -27%
two Disruptor with Target
54,99 € 74,99 € (RRP)
Electronic Pop-Up Targets with Snapfire -8%
Targets with Blaster: Snapfire
from 22,99 € 24,99 € (RRP)
Electronic target for Nerf and dart blaster - DX5 -8%
Blasterparts accessories
Electronic target for dart blaster - DX5
22,99 € 24,90 € (RRP)
Blasterparts - Adapter for Targets
Blasterparts Tuning & Modding
Adapter for targets
15,99 €
Equipment bag with target for magazines, accessories, and darts
Blasterparts accessories
Equipment bag with target
9,99 €
Double Strongarm Pack with target -34%
Double Strongarm Pack with target!
54,99 € 82,99 € (RRP)
Electronic Pop-Up Targets with Nerf Microshot Han Solo
Targets with Blaster: Microshot Han Solo
from 24,99 €
Dino Attack Pack with Target -44%
Dino Attack Pack with Target!
31,99 € 56,99 € (RRP)
BOOMco. - Smart Stick Targets
Smart Stick Targets
6,99 €
Double Triad Pack with target -20%
Two Triad Blaster with target!
39,99 € 49,99 € (RRP)
Electronic Pop-Up Targets with Nerf Wolf RL-1 -7%
Targets with Blaster: Wolf RL-1
from 27,99 € 29,99 € (RRP)
Gelblaster Portal Smart Target NEW
Portal Smart Target
49,99 €
NERF - Inflatable target
Inflatable target with scoring system
12,99 €
Electronic target with stand for Nerf and dart blaster - DX1
Blasterparts accessories
Electronic target with stand for dart blaster - DX1 + STX
24,99 €
Electronic target for Nerf and dart blaster - DX1
Electronic target for dart blaster - DX1
19,99 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite Digital Target -10%
Digital Target
44,99 € 49,99 € (RRP)
Nerf Elite Flash Strike Target
Elite Flash Strike Target
14,99 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite Hover Target
Hover Target
49,99 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite Pop-Up Target
Pop Up Target
59,99 €

Targets for Nerf blasters and other dart blasters - for more accuracy!

You want to test the accuracy of your dartblaster? There's hardly a better way than our Blasterparts targets for Nerf and other dartblasters. Conveniently choose between different looks and systems. Our electronic targets are perfect for target shooting because they confirm your hits directly via light and sound. But target shooting for Nerf and Co. is not just great fun on your own. With two dartblasters of equal power, you can have a good competition in target shooting with dartblasters.

The electronic targets correctly reflect the hit value and offer you various classic game modes that you can switch between quickly and easily. Our Nerf targets come in different shapes and designs. From the simple plate with a circular target, to target systems with individual pressure fields, to the elegant folding target with three folding target plates.

Target shooting for children - great fun at the garden party!

It's not just adults who enjoy target shooting with dartblaster targets. It's a great activity for all ages. Children love target shooting in the garden with Nerf and other dartblasters. It is far less dangerous than traditional dartboards with pointed darts, for example, and you can take your eyes off the children while they have fun for hours on end. Shooting at Nerf targets is also an absolute hit as a fun activity at a children's birthday party. We therefore offer simple, child-friendly blasters as a multi-pack with up to four blasters and one target. This way it's always fair and nobody is unhappy because he or she got the lesser Blaster. Some of the target blaster packs also have blasters in two colors to form teams in red and blue, for example.

What makes our dart blasters & nerf targets special? Buy Nerf targets that are good for something!

Our targets all come with instructions and are quick and easy to set up. The plates of the folding Nerf target are removable so that it can be taken apart again and stored better. For our simple Nerf target DX1, there is also a smart stand to set it up in the middle of the garden. The stand can be quickly assembled and disassembled and is an ideal addition to target shooting with blasters. The DX5 and DX7 Nerf dart target can also be attached to the stand using a 3D printing module from Blasterparts.

The dartblaster targets from Blasterparts are electronic and require batteries or rechargeable batteries of type AAA, which go up to 1.5V (1.2V for rechargeable batteries). You can of course also use the targets without batteries, but then the feedback and the hit count will be missing.

The targets from Blasterparts are robustly built and, if used correctly, will give you pleasure for a long time.

The inflatable target from Nerf and other target systems for dartblasters - The other way to organize target shooting.

Are you looking for a target that doesn't work electronically and that you can set up in a damp garden, for example? Nerf has the solution: an inflatable target for dartblaster! Simply inflate and set up. Great fun for the whole family and extremely space-saving to store. 

Or are you looking for a simple target to test your marksmanship from time to time? Then we recommend the Worker folding target. With one plate. This retracts automatically after a hit and also has a hit counter. Great for nerf target shooting alone.

BoomCo. has also developed an interesting target for Nerfblasters. This is glued to a surface and the matching BoomCo. darts will stick to the hit points. 

So you've come to the right place to buy your Nerf target with Blasterparts. Here you will find the right Nerf target for everyone!

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