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Gel Blaster


Buy Gel Blasters at Blasterparts! Get the new Blasters with ultimate power for your next Blaster battle.

Gel Blasters represent an exciting innovation in outdoor gaming. They use water-based gel balls as ammunition, which burst upon impact. This environmentally friendly and safe system allows for an exhilarating gaming experience without causing pain or damage. All that's needed is water and the gel ammunition. Simply soak them in water and you're good to go!

The range of Gel Blasters includes many types and brands: From Nerf to X-Shot, to the brand GELBLASTER, which specializes entirely in this type of Blaster.

Gel Blasters. The new tactical gaming experience!

The look of Gel Blasters offers plenty of variety: Gel Blasters often have a more futuristic appearance than traditional dart blasters from NERF and others. Especially the X-Shot Hyper Gel models adhere to a more realistic look, reminiscent of markers from the paintball area. The design appears more technical and functional than other blasters, with proportions optimized more for adults. These blasters are definitely not just for targetshooting but are intended for use in blaster battles and competitive sports.

Customizing Gel Blasters

We have the Gel Blasters fresh on our table, and we'll be opening them up and exploring their internals. And we wouldn't be Blasterparts if we didn't figure out how to tune and mod them and which parts really fit. So "Stay Tuned" for what will happen in this category. Even though Gel Blasters don't use classic springs and improvedflyweels and motors , there's still a lot that can be enhanced and optimized.

The versatile design of the Gel blaster shells guarantees wonderful painting, tuning, and modding possibilities. We're already looking forward to what our tuning and Modding-Community "blasted" out of the Gel Dart Blasters. Also, check out our  customer gallery to see the creative ideas customers have already implemented with dart blasters.


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