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Standard Darts

NERF - N-Strike Elite Clip System Darts 12-Dart Pack -13%
NERF N-Strike Elite
Refill Pack 12 Darts
6,99 € 7,99 € (RRP)
BuzzBee - 16 -Foam-Drats -67%
BuzzBee Air Warriors
Refill Pack 16 Darts
0,99 € 2,99 € (RRP)
X-Shot - Excel Ultimate Value 200 Darts Refill Pack with Carrycase
Refill 200 X-Shot Darts (Nerf-kompatibel)
17,99 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite AccuStrike 24 Dart Refill Pack -23%
NERF AccuStrike
Refill 24 AccuStrike Darts
9,99 € 12,99 € (RRP)
Nerf - Ultra Magazine +10 Dart Refill Pack -13%
Refill Pack 10 Ultra Darts with magazine
12,99 € 14,99 € (RRP)
Dart holder with space for 12 darts, featuring a strap clip and rail attachment.
Blasterparts Tuning and Modding
Dart holder for 12 darts
4,99 €
X-Shot INSANITY Dart Big-Refill NEW
INSANITY Dart Big-Refill
14,99 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite DoomLands 2169 Refill Pack 30 Darts -31%
Refill Pack 30 Darts DoomLands
8,99 € 12,99 € (RRP)
X-Shot PRO SERIES Half-length darts Refill NEW
PRO SERIES Half-length darts
16,99 €
BuzzBee - Ultra-Tek 20 Dart-Refill -38%
BuzzBee Air Warriors
Refill Pack 20 Darts Ultra-Tek
4,99 € 7,99 € (RRP)
Bandolier to wear with space for 20 darts and 1 magazine.
Blasterparts accessories
Bandolier strap with quick-release buckle.
5,99 €
Two-Point Sling with Metal Buckles and Space for 20 Darts and 1 Magazine
Blasterparts accessories
Sling with Metal Buckles
6,99 €
X-Shot Dart Big-Refill NEW
X-Shot Dart Big-Refill
14,99 €
Nerf Ultra Vision Gear and10 Nerf Ultra Darts
Ultra Vision Gear and 10 Ultra Darts Refill Pack
14,99 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite AccuStrike 12 Dart Refill Pack
NERF AccuStrike
Refill 12 AccuStrike Darts
7,99 €
NERF - Ultra 20 Darts Refill Pack
Nerf Ultra
20 Ultra Darts Refill
14,99 €
X-Shot Dart Refill NEW
Dart Refill
6,99 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite Deco 10 Darts Refillpack grey
NERF N-Strike Elite
Refill 10 Deko Darts
8,99 €
Bankcroft - Lanard & Simba Shell Shock Refill Pack 16 Cartridge Cases 16 Darts 1 Ammo Clip -75%
Total XStream Air
Refill Pack Shell Shock, 16 Darts
0,99 € 3,99 € (RRP)
Lanard - 14er Dart Refill Pack for Scatter Blast & Triple Shot -33%
Total XStream Air
Refill Pack 8 Darts Lanard
1,99 € 2,99 € (RRP)
Dart holder for the wrist with elastic band
Blasterparts accessories
Dart holder for the wrist
6,99 €
Lanard - Sawed-Off Hand Cannon 8er Refill Pack -33%
Total XStream Air
Refill Pack 8 Darts for Sawed-Off Shotgun
1,99 € 2,99 € (RRP)
NERF - N-Strike Elite Clip System Darts 30-Pack
NERF N-Strike Elite
Refill Pack 30 Darts
12,99 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite Mega Series Mega Darts 10 Pk
NERF Mega Series
Refill Pack 10 Mega Darts
9,99 €
Nerf - Elite 2.0 20x Dart
NERF N-Strike Elite 2.0
20x Elite 2.0 Darts
9,99 €
X-Shot Insanity Rage Fire Gatling ammunition belt with extra darts NEW
X-Shot Insanity Rage Fire Gatling ammunition belt
18,99 €
NERF - Fortnite Rocket Refill -21%
4 Rockets Refill
13,50 € 16,99 € (RRP)
NERF - Ultra 10 Dart Refill Pack
10 Ultra Darts Refill Pack
12,00 €
NERF - Ultra Sonic Screamers Refill Pack 20 Darts
Nerf Ultra
Refill Pack 20 Ultra Sonic Screamers
14,99 €
NERF - Ultra Refill Pack 45 Darts
Nerf Ultra
Refill Pack 45 Ultra Darts
29,99 €
NERF - N-Strike Elite Zombie Strike Deco Darts 30 Pk
NERF Zombie Strike
Refill Pack 30 Darts Zombie Strike
19,99 €
NERF - Elite 2.0 Refill Pack 50 Darts
NERF N-Strike Elite 2.0
Refill Pack 50 Elite 2.0 Darts
14,99 €

Darts for Nerf and other Dart Blasters, for more firepower!

Who hasn't experienced it? The Nerf battle in the backyard is in full swing, and suddenly all the darts are gone! A nightmare scenario for any Blaster fan. There's hardly any more essential accessory for Dart Blasters than the small foam darts that serve as ammunition for nearly all Nerf and similar Dart Blasters. Of course, every Blaster comes with a set of darts, but these darts are quickly shot or lost, and then you need extra darts for Blasters that you carry around on a belts or in a bag, for example. Standard darts from Nerf or other brands like BuzzBee, Dart Zone or X-Shot are characterized by a foam body that is hollow. At the end sits a rubber head with an air hole.

When darts are loaded into a Blaster, whether through the cocking action of the spring or the trigger that pushes them between themotors in automatic Blasters, they are propelled out of the Blaster with considerable force. In the case of spring-loaded Blasters, this is done through vacuum in the chamber behind the dart, also called a piston, or in the case of electric Blasters, with the help of motorized flywheels that accelerate the dart.

Types of Standard Darts. Which darts to buy?

That's enough about physics, but how do the types of standard darts differ? There are various darts from different Blaster brands at Blasterparts, but fundamentally, the absolute standard darts, as used by Nerf in most Blasters, have had their dimensions adopted by other manufacturers. For example, you can fire a Dart Zone dart with a Nerf blaster. That's obviously very practical, and would be very annoying if it were otherwise. However, the differences among the darts lie in the details. Some darts, such as N-Strike Elite-Darts by Nerf, reportedly have significantly better flight characteristics due to a more favorable center of gravity and lower weight.

Elite darts are therefore the most common darts in the Nerf scene. Especially when everyone wants to play with standardized ammunition to avoid advantages and disadvantages due to better or worse darts, Elite darts are often used. The Accustrike Darts from Nerf are also very popular because they fly much more accurately than other standard darts. But other manufacturers like X-Shot, for example, also produce their own darts with an air-pocket system in the head, which is supposed to provide stronger precision. However, in the end, it also depends heavily on the performance of the Blaster and many factors like wind or barrel attachments, how exactly and quickly darts fly.

Darts from Hasbro and other brands! What do you need to consider?

There are things that no standard dart, no matter from which manufacturer, likes. Pushing or even squeezing darts into a magazine from the top will certainly result in reduced firing performance and quickly damage the darts. It's also not a good idea to load and shoot dirty darts into a Blaster, as this can damage theBlaster's mechanics at worst or cause the Blaster to jam. Once a dart has been flattened, it's basically done for and won't function well anymore. Any type of darts should be kept out of reach of small children because, logically, they are swallowable small parts that have no place in children's stomachs, only in Blasters.
There are also cheap providers of poorly produced darts, which in the best case don't fly well and in the worst case are much too hard to shoot with. Therefore, we recommend buying darts from established brands and thus avoiding trouble or pain.

Special darts for special Blasters. The big caliber!

With series like Nerf Ultra or Nerf Mega, Hasbro has introduced another class of darts that you can find here under standard darts. Even though they are special standard darts. Mega darts are the largest commercially available darts from NERF and only fit into the MEGA Blasters from Hasbro. The same applies to the slightly smaller, but still large, Ultra darts from the Ultra series by Hasbro Nerf.

Some Nerf modders and Nerf sports shooters prefer so-called short darts for their Blasters. These are available in the other category with us. However, with the help of our dart cutters , you can cut standard darts to the length of short darts. At Blasterparts, you can buy just about any type of standard dart that exists.

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