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About Us

Blasterparts – Blaster & Parts

Blasterparts has a mission: We are the German expert for everything that has to do with blaster and parts – and we want to become even better!
We have all the latest models from Nerf, BoomCo and BuzzBeeToys – whether the stylish Zombie Strike Nerfs, the cool The Walking Dead series from BuzzBee, the Sci-Fi Blaster from Halo or Star Wars and of course the classic series from Nerf and Co. But of course there are also a lot of parts. Blasterparts, is not only a shop, Blasterparts stands for performance, style and tuning for Dartblaster. From stronger springs for the Nerf N-Strike Strongarm, to a cool adult-fit holster for the Hammershot, to stronger batteries and tuning motors, we have everything in our range.

But that’s not all – Blasterparts has a huge assortment: Not only do we have the largest selection of blasterparts in Europe, but we even have many exclusives that are not available anywhere else. We’re also carrying exotic items that are difficult to find and usually only available abroad. CEDA Blaster from Singapore? Tuning parts from China and the USA? We are your partner – for all Blasters and all parts!

Dartblaster – more than a hobby!

Our philosophy is that dartblasts are more than just a hobby – they are many hobbies! Nerf battles with friends in the park, the Office War with cheeky colleagues, tinkering and screwing tuning and modding projects or zombie larps where you send the undead back to hell with your Blasters & Parts – at Blasterparts there are all the Blaster and every accessory for these occasions. In our more than ten-year history we have learned what matters – also because we are at home in these hobbies ourselves:

It’s history:

2008 – a student flat in a small town. At the time, none of us thought that a bright yellow toy from the USA would hit Germany like a bomb. The Blaster (a classic Nerf N-Strike Maverick REV-6 in yellow with Suction Darts to be precise ;-)) soon became two, then three and finally a passion. Since 2008, Bankcroft has been importing models from Nerf (think of Vulcan, Rayven or other classics), BuzzBee (Double Shot) and Lanard (the Blaster grenade) to Germany and bringing them to market.

What about Blasterparts?

After a few years, however, this was no longer enough – it should be ever faster, further and better: The N-Strike series Blasters (Recon, Longshot and Longstrike) look great, but if you wanted to shoot further than through a small shared living room, it was a mess. In addition, Zombie-LARP (live action role-playing game) became more and more popular. In the wild you want to keep zombies at a distance – high time for an upgrade: Blasterparts was born. A hobby project quickly developed into the most important accessory brand for Dartblaster in Germany: A tuning spring for the Nerf Maverick? Your Nite Finder doesn’t shoot far enough? The fully automatic Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS does not have enough power? Whether spring, replacement plunger, tuning set or battery pack – Blasterparts had the right solution ready and accompanied the modding and tuning scene on its debut.

Progress never stops

The Nerf series, which came onto the market after the N-Strike series, did not stop progress either – on the contrary! The Vortex series, with the disc blasters Pyragon, Praxis, Vigilon and Nitron, was just a new spur for Blasterparts. The discs that flew further than previous darts could be fired even further with the corresponding spring. That paved the way for the N-Strike Elite series, think of the iconic blue Blasters Retaliator, Strongarm, Hyperfire and Rapidstrike. These models, for the first time, were able to take the particularly strong „Hard Range“ tuning sets. The old Blasterparts claim „Strike the Limit“ was born – and lived.

But the style wasn’t neglected either: An own zombie series inspired the community, which meanwhile called itself Nerf Nation. Hammershot and Double Strike were the first blaster that could be operated with only one hand – no wonder that these blaster are still among the favorites of the scene today. In addition to the Blasterparts Spring, we added two tuning sets to our range: the Full Metal Kit with Hammer and Trigger in two cool colours. In order to make Blasters comfortable to carry, the MX and SX Holster were also developed and launched on the market.

After all these years Bankcroft has now hung up the Blaster – from now on there is only Blasterparts, the partner for Blasters AND Parts. We want to remain a tuning-spring strong partner with exclusive blasters, modding and tuning parts in the future. We swear on our battery packs. Once dartblaster, always dartblaster.

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