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Buy Bodykits for NERF Guns at Blasterparts!

A NERF Gun usually looks like a child's toy. It is colorful and clearly looks like a toy gun. But for hobbyists who would like to imitate the realistic look of a gun, here are the NERF Gun bodykits! This quickly turns the NERF into an MP5, AK-47 or Kriss Vector! The basis for the blaster bodykits is the N-Strike Elite Stryfe or the NERF - Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS-6. The M4 Modding Kit for NERF, as well as the MP5 and AK47 NERF Kit are from our own brand Blasterparts. The Iron Sight Kit with strap mount for the NERF Stryfe is also an original Blasterparts kit. The great thing about the NERF kits is that they are easy to put on and do not require any tedious screwing. The body kits for NERF can also be built back to the original state.

Worker Bodykits for NERF

Another very well-known brand in the field of tuning and modding is Worker. Worker also has impressive bodykits for NERF Guns, such as the Kriss Vector bodykit. But also a NERF SCAR or an AK47 bodykit is available from Worker. The bodykits are injection molded from high quality ABS plastic.

A popular application for NERF bodykits is, in addition to matching upholstery weapons, of course end time or zombie LARP. Here the realistic weapon look is more than desired. Cyberpunk LARP also likes to fall back on NERF Guns with Bodykits. Of course, the bodykits can also be combined with other magazines or aiming aids for NERF for a different look.

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