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The X-Shot Blaster from Zuru really stirred up the market. They are in no way inferior to the dart blasters of the competition and are surprisingly inexpensive. The futuristic look and the white-blue colour scheme are just the icing on the cake. read more

New mega-cool Dartblaster alternative to the Nerf from Hasbro

With the X-Shot brand, Zuru is launching its own range of blasters. Anyone who thought that there was only one top dog in the dart blaster market and then nothing much would happen has probably done their maths without the X-Shot blasters. With the Excel series, Zuru has brought dart blasters onto the market as we already knew them. However, Zuru's blasters are in no way inferior to established brands and are surprisingly affordable. The futuristic design and the colour scheme of white and blue tones are characteristic.

Buy X-Shot Dartblaster by Zuru with us

With the X-Shot dart blaster range, Zuru has really turned up the heat. When the Rival Blaster by Nerf simply didn't make it to market in Germany, many fans were disappointed. With the Chaos Blaster, however, there is now an alternative that is also available in Germany. These blasters do not shoot the familiar foam arrows with rubber heads, but simply foam balls. Not only do they have better aerodynamic properties and therefore fly with greater accuracy, they can also be loaded into the blasters very easily and quickly.

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