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Payment Methods

We offer a wide range of payment options to make shopping with us as comfortable and easy as possible!

Open Invoice  | PayPal | amazon pay | Sofort Überweisung | Credit Card | Cash on Delivery

Open invoice   

Your order will be shipped immediately. Enclosed to your order, you’ll receive an invoice document with all data to arrange payment within 10 days after reception by wire transfer.

  • No extra fees!
  • Up to 1.500,- € total order value*  (even for first-time-customers)
  • Take up to 10 days to arrange payment
Additional information:
  • Available for delivery and invoice addresses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Credit-Check will be done
  • Only available for consumers
  • Processed by our Partner Payolution GmbH


Once payment process is finished, you’ll be redirected directly to PayPal to make the payment. Once we’ve received confirmation from PayPal, your order will be processed and shipped immediately.

  • No extra fees!
  • Choose between PayPal’s range of payment methods
  • Fast and easy payment by PayPal
Additional information:
  • Free PayPal account required

amazon pay   

You login to your Amazon account right from our shopping cart and can use all the payment methods and addresses stored there. The shipment of the goods will be initiated as soon as amazon has confirmed the payment.

  • No extra fees!
  • No re-entering of any payment or address data.
  • Use your balance from Amazon giftcards
  • Immediate shipping
Additional Information:
  • Free Amazon Account required

SOFORT Überweisung   

At the end of the order process, you’ll be redirected to SOFORT Überweisung to process payment using your online banking account. Once payment is confirmed, we are notified and process and ship your order immediately.

  • No extra fees!
  • Immediate shipping
  • No further registration necessary
  • Fast & secure payment
Additional Information:
  • TÜV-certifed Data protection
  • Online banking date (e.g. PIN / TAN) is required

Credit Card   

Payment will be processed once your order is shipped.

  • No extra fees!
  • High security SSL-encryption
  • Fast, secure & easy payment
Additional Information:
  • We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express
  • The credit card must support the 3D Secure, Verified by Visa or SafeKey standard.

Cash on delivery   

Your order will be shipped immediately, you’ll pay cash (by card at post offices) upon delivery directly to the postal service.

Please note: Using Cash on delivery isn’t possible for shipments so DHL Packstation.

  • Order and Payment by cash
  • No credit check
  • Payment when receiving the goods
Additional information
  • Only available in Germany
  • Cash payment on delivery
  • Card payment when picking up at post office
  • add 6,90 € (Standard), resp. 14,90 € (Expeditid)
  • No additional fees

* Total order value means: Total open amount for all orders. If you’ve already placed an order für 750,- € that’s not yet paid, you can only place an order für another 750,- €.
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