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Super Soaker / Water Pistols


Just as cool as they used to be: Super Soaker water guns

Too hot for normal fun? No problem. The Super Soaker water guns combine cooling and fun! The water pistols of the Super Soaker brand from Hasbro have an almost legendary reputation. Whoever was lucky enough to own a real Super Soaker back in the 90s could easily dominate water battles and soak up all the neighbours. It is nice to dwell on memories, but time never stands still. Since then the market for water pistols has developed further and Hasbro has not been idle either. At Blasterparts you will always find the latest Super Soaker models.

Grab your Super Soaker water pistol and head for the neighbourhood watterbattle!

Whoever really misses the Super Soakers from the good old days can consider himself lucky. With the Super Soaker XP100 and the Super Soaker XP30 Hasbro has revived real classics. In this case the motto still is: "Pump until the overpressure valve whistles!" These water guns are available in different versions. The size of the tanks and the system with which the water is pumped out of the water pistol vary. Some Super Soakers spray water with every squeeze of the trigger, others can spray water jets for several seconds with a full pressure tank. All water guns have one thing in common: they are a lot of fun and are an excellent way to cool down on hot summer days.

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