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Dart Zone Blaster

Our brand-new addition in the realm of competition blasters! Dart Zone Blasters are for those pushing the upper limits in the world of dart blasters! Sturdily built, reliable, customizable, and with a functional design. If you're looking for a competitive dart blaster, you're in the right place! read more

Buy your Dart Zone Blasters at Blasterparts! Grab the new dart blasters with ultimate power for the next Blaster battle.

Dart Zone Blasters are anything but child's play! If you automatically associate dart blasters with kids playing in the garden, you haven't experienced these blasters in your hands. Dart Zone's lineup is definitely geared towards the older demographic with cool and competitive, well-crafted blasters. Tactical speed, high precision, and a streamlined design make Dart Zone blasters absolute must-haves for blaster fans. Some Dart Zone blasters, like the Stryker from the Dart Zone MAX series, can shoot up to 38 meters, making them true distance wonders. They also offer the flexibility of switching between standard darts and short darts with included clips. Dart Zone provides its own darts, but it remains compatible with Nerf's standard darts.
Dart Zones range includes various types of blasters: the Stryker as a sniper dart blaster, the Legendfire as a smartly designed pump-action shotgun, Super Commando and V-Twin as Gatlings for heavy artillery on the field, the motorized Spectrum as an automatic blaster, and the Dart Zone Magnum X2 as... the thing with the giant magazine! So, there's something for everyone.

Dart Zone dart blasters. Much more than just toy blasters!

The look of Dart Zone blasters speaks a clear language: limited to two distinct signal colors, these blasters appear less "colorful" than conventional dart blasters from NERF and others. Attachments are mostly kept in simple black or gray, making them easily interchangeable among Dart Zone blasters. The design feels more tactical and functional compared to other blasters, with proportions better optimized for adults. These blasters are definitely not made just for target shooting; they are designed for blaster battles and competitive sports. This is evident in features like Picatinny rails, interchangeable magazines for different dart types, ergonomic grips, quick-operating mag levers, adjustable shoulder stocks, and more. Dart Zone has clearly thought about what matters in dart battles, and these dart blasters deliver on their promises. Reliable, fast, and absolutely high-performing.

What is Dart Zone? Next-level blasters or just another manufacturer of toy blasters?

Dart Zone, headquartered in the United States with production in Hong Kong, has clearly committed itself to designing blasters for sports and adult games. The shot velocity of most blasters is at the upper limit of the approved reference value. The ergonomics are designed for adults, and the accuracy of the darts is spot-on! Dart Zone's goal is to offer high-performance dart blasters at reasonable, fair prices. They have a long history with a wealth of experience, dating back to 1990 when they founded as Prime Time Toys. They've been in the blaster market for quite some time. One thing is certain: Dart Zone's concept is successful! While other blaster brands may be stagnating in the market, their portfolio and revenue continue to grow steadily, currently faster than any other blaster brand. Perhaps they have recognized the signs of the times and aim to elevate competitive blaster sports to a new level. That's something we at Blasterparts can wholeheartedly support because taking dart blasters to the next level is likewise our motto.

Customizing Dart Zone Blasters

We have the Dart Zone blasters on our table now, and we'll be opening them up to explore their internals. And we wouldn't be Blasterparts if we didn't figure out how to tune and mod them and which parts truly fit. So, stay tuned for what will happen in this category. But even without a new spring and upgraded flywheels and motors, many of our attachments are compatible with Dart Zone blasters from the start, thanks to the Picatinny rails.
The tactical design of Dart Zone blaster shells guarantees wonderful opportunities for painting, tuning, and modding. We're already looking forward to seeing what our tuning and modding community will create with Dart Zone dart blasters. Check out our customer gallery (currently only in german) to see the creative possibilities with dart blasters.
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