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Blaster Kits DIY

Soldering, screwing, clipping... and there you have it, your blaster is ready. Here, you'll find blaster kits for those seeking a new project and wanting to enhance their blaster. read more

Discover the World of Creative Dart Blaster DIY!

Off-the-shelf blasters no longer excite you? Do you dream of building your own dart blaster? With our dart blaster kits, this dream becomes a reality! We offer a fantastic range of kits and DIY packages to help you create your very own dart blaster. One option is the complete kits from Worker, such as the impressive L96 AWP Prophecy. A sniper blaster that you can only build yourself and not get pre-assembled. Worker is known for its very robust tuning parts and blaster kits that present a real challenge for NERF enthusiasts. Or dive into the hobby of blaster building with our Nerf blaster tuning and modding kits. These kits include a pre-built blaster and components for performance tuning, as well as an extra magazine or other attachments.

Build Your Own Dart Blaster

Our blaster kits include all the components and instructions you need to build your own dart blaster. Whether you're an experienced blaster builder or a beginner, our kits have something for everyone. However, at the beginning, you should choose a project that you can handle and for which you have the right tools. You can find tools with us, as well as paints and powerful batteries with suitable chargers. With step-by-step instructions and high-quality components, building your own dart blaster will definitely be an exciting and fulfilling project.

DIY Blaster Building and Modding

It usually doesn't end with just building a dart blaster yourself; afterwards, it's time for optical customization and painting. Here, creativity knows no bounds. Do you want to get an impression of what incredible self-made dart blasters our blaster community has to offer? Then check out our customer gallery. Here you'll find many impressive blaster projects and artworks to inspire you. If you're looking for colors and tools for your blaster-building project, you'll find them with us as well. And we're always open to questions about our products, so feel free to email or call us.

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