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BuzzBee Blaster

BuzzBee is a manufacturer of both dart and water blaster. But in the assortment of this manufacturer you can also find curiosities, like marshmallowblaster or rocket launcher. read more

Buzzbee Blasters by Air Warriors - Innovative and Unique!

BuzzBee Air Warriors isn't just an alternative to NERF it's a distinct and reputable brand in the blaster universe! And even though NERF sets the standard, BuzzBee is catching up with massive strides. With a combination of creativity and technical finesse, BuzzBee has developed a range of blasters that impress not only in terms of performance but also in design and functionality.

BuzzBee has always experimented with new ideas and tested innovative concepts. Many of the larger BuzzBee guns stand out with drum magazines and truly immense range. The BuzzBee blasters not only provide a solid gaming experience, but also reliable precision that satisfies even the most demanding players.

BuzzBee Blaster, from brightly colored to optical modding

While BuzzBee relies on its own darts,, you can also use standard NERF ammunition. And that's not all! Almost without exception, the magazines are interchangeable between BuzzBee and NERF! Optically, the BuzzBee blasters are partly inspired by real firearms. For example, the Rail Raider resembles a pump-action shotgun both in appearance and function. However, the bright colors leave no doubt that these are toy weapons. But this naturally makes them the ideal candidates for painting and modding, for example, for a post-apocalyptic LARP.

In addition to their use in LARP, BuzzBee blasters are also popular among blaster hobbyists and tuners.Through various modding and tuning options, players can further optimize the performance of BuzzBee blasters and customize them to their individual needs, not to mention the cool optical designs.

Buy Big BuzzBee Blasters at Blasterparts

There are also huge calibers like the futuristic BuzzBee Mutator, which can even be operated with two magazines, or the BuzzBee Sidewinder with a side drum that fires its darts via pump action. BuzzBee blasters are suitable for children from about 6 years old. Overall, the proportions of the BuzzBee blasters are also slightly more tailored to children than is sometimes the case with NERF. But nevertheless, they offer a lot of performance for adult hobbyists, and there's still plenty to be gained from BuzzBee toys through tuning and modding..

Buy The Walking Dead from BuzzBee. Target the Zombies!

With the The Walking Dead license, BuzzBee also offers exciting licensed blasters. The blasters are inspired by the weapons of individual characters from the comic universe and not only look good but also handle well. Here you'll find, for example, Rick's shotgun with ejecting shells for the darts or Andrea's sniper rifle with a loading lever and scope. With licensed blasters from The Walking Dead, BuzzBee also gives fans of the popular series the opportunity to recreate their favorite weapons from the Walking Dead universe and replay exciting zombie scenarios.

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