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Holsters & Belts


Holster for Nerf and Other Dart Blasters - Worn Well, Drawn Quickly!

A holster for dart blasters is extremely handy in Nerf battles, , especially when you have a second blaster on hand. When the primary blaster runs out of ammo, you can quickly draw the secondary blaster from the holster and still have some extra darts to shoot.

What makes our Blasterparts Nerf holsters special?

Our in-house Blasterparts holsters are particularly suitable for pistol-like blasters such as the Hammershot, Disruptor or Strongarm. However, there are also holsters in larger sizes for the Stryfe, Roughcut or Recon MK II. Thanks to Velcro closures, our multi-holsters can be perfectly adjusted to fit each dart blaster. A safety strap prevents the blaster from accidentally slipping out of the holster. All our dart blaster holsters are made of very durable, tear-resistant polyester fabric and firmly sewn at the edges to prevent tearing.

How do I wear a holster for dart blasters?

Our Nerf holsters are designed to be attached to the belt using an adjustable strap and then strapped around the leg where the holster should sit. Most Blasterparts holsters are designed for right-handers, but there's also a left-handed holster for Nerf in black. Holsters are worn on the side from which the blaster is drawn – so right for right-handers and left for left-handers.

The Blasterparts multi-holsters can also be adjusted to be worn on the chest or directly on the belt, for example, hidden on the back. This allows maximum flexibility when carrying Nerf guns and other dart blasters that fit into our holsters.


Shoulder Straps for Large Dart Blasters - When the holster no longer fits!

Of course, there are also large dart blasters that are more rifle-like and therefore cannot be carried in the holster. To still carry them safely on the body and not lose them in the heat of battle, Blasterparts offers shoulder straps for Nerf and other dart blasters. Almost all longer dart blasters, whether they're our automatic blasters or Nerf shotguns, have small loops at the beginning and end of the blaster where our blaster shoulder strap can be attached to casually hang the blaster over the shoulder. There are straps that fix the blaster at two points, but also so-called one-point sling straps that attach the blaster only at one point in the back. If the blaster should fall out of your hands, it is caught on the side of the body and hangs with the tip down.

Multi-function straps for blasters, more than just carrying the blaster on the body!

A functional strap for dart blasters is perfect for LARP or a Nerf battle, as quick and tactical action is required here. But Blasterparts' Nerf straps offer even more! For example, they can be loaded with darts for quick reloading when you run out. Some straps also have holders for extra magazines, allowing for quick swapping of your blaster's clips. This way, you can ensure you have enough ammunition until the end of a Nerf battle.


Belts and Other Straps for Nerf Blasters Offer Additional Carrying Capacity!

In addition to our shoulder straps for dart blasters, we also offer belts on which darts and magazines can be carried around the waist. This provides quick access to your magazine or extra darts and allows for convenient reloading without having to rummage through a bag first. Some belts also have integrated pockets for darts or other small items, which can be particularly useful in LARP. Dart bracelets are also available, allowing a small amount of darts to be carried on the wrist.

So there is at least one way available for practically every dart blaster to be carried on the body or at least for quick reloading. At Blasterparts, we place great emphasis on quality and functionality, which is also reflected in our carrying options for blasters. If you have any questions about our straps, holsters, and belts for dart blasters, we are always available to assist you. You can simply give us a call or send us an email with your questions.

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