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BuzzBee Air Warriors
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BuzzBee Air Warriors Eradicator

BuzzBee Air Warriors Eradicator
BuzzBee Air Warriors Eradicator BuzzBee Air Warriors Eradicator

This green monster is impressively powerful and contains two magazines and a huge barrel!

  • Great range
  • Plus 2 magazines and darts
  • Compatible with other darts and magazines
  • Long and powerful
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BuzzBee Air Warriors Eradicator
BuzzBee Air Warriors Eradicator BuzzBee Air Warriors Eradicator
29,99 €
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Product Information

When size and length do matter!

The Air Warriors Eradicator impresses with a length of 71 cm and a good size in the hands. The barrel extension creates a really impressive blaster and the range of 22m doesn't need to hide either.

With two magazines and 20 darts the Blaster comes to you in a very extensive and cheap set.

The green color also turns this good, inexpensive Blaster into a very eye-catching piece.

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Product details
  • 135834
  • BuzzBee Air Warriors
  • Single-Action, Dart Ammo
    • Dartblaster Air Warriors Eradicator, Barrel extension, 2 Magazines, 20 Darts
Attention! Not suitable for children age 3 or younger. Attention! Do not aim at eyes or face.
To avoid injury: Only use original darts. Other darts may not meet safety standards. Do not modify darts or dart blaster. Shot distances are estimates and are based on test data. Actual blaster results will vary and depend on the condition of the darts and other factors.
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