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CEDA Blaster are manufactured by Jet Blaster specifically for tuners. These blasters can be dismantled and reassembled without tools in a few simple steps to replace spring, breech or O-rings, for example. read more

The CEDA Blaster - tactical and practical

The CEDA Blaster from Jet Blaster can be dismantled without tools and in just a few easy steps to replace spring, breech and O-rings. This allows it to be adapted to different conditions and requirements.

A Blaster for Tuner

This Blaster is clearly designed for the tuner community. Since it has no Slamfire mode, it can be easily de-primed - without dryfiring. Even if this blaster is tuned to the limits of what is possible, it can still prevent the material from being overstrained.

If everything else is optimized, the darts are next

Magwells and katana magazines are available for the CEDA blaster. They are designed for the use of shortened darts, so-called stefans. These darts achieve even better performance due to better flight characteristics.

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