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Thursday, 3 June 2021

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Blaster Mod of the Week: SirScorp’s Loadout

The community on Blasted.de is the German speaking dartblaster community! In this series we’ll present a new awesome mod from the community once a week, every week.

Blaster of the Week

Everything comes to an end! And so this is now my last Mod of the Week article that I’m writing for the Blasterparts blog. To wrap things up, I wanted to show you something of my own, because that’s how we started the MotWs.
On Wednesday, June 5, 2019 my first MotW was posted here on the blog. At the time, a blaster that I had painted to give to the Blasterparts team, as a gift, fitting in Blasterparts colors.

Today I’ll finish by showing you my personal loadout color scheme. These are the blasters I painted and modified for my personal use at blaster events.

A Longstrike with worker kit, more for posing than playing, but with good range and high accuracy, so you can also compete very well with it in target shooting competitions.

A Ceda with brassbreech for games that do not allow the use of short darts and are therefore not compatible with my typical blasters.

And a Nerf Retaliator with a short dart mod and worker body kit for use in fast games. With integrated pump kit both visually appealing and wonderful to use.

Original Post at Blasted.de
By Board User SirScorp

Modder to Modder

It took me some time to find „my style“ for my blaster. Early on it became apparent that I was extremely fond of the „snakeskin“ paint job done with the „tights technique“, especially in green. But then it took me years to realize that combining it with wood-look parts and black detail is exactly what I want and enjoy doing.

I’ve painted a few blasters that don’t remotely resemble my color scheme or reflect only isolated elements, but all of that has helped me find my own personal style.

Blasterparts Mod of the Week

In this series we tried to present a cool blaster every week. I was always trying to highlight interesting aspects of the mod and give useful tips and advice. I hope there was something for everyone and all readers as well as all featured modders enjoyed discovering the blasters here. I for one have always enjoyed selecting and showcasing blasters.

On that note, one last time, goodbye!

Author: SirScorp

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