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Thursday, 25 March 2021

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Blaster Mod of the Week: L.K.Gen.I.U.S. (insane ultimate Strongarm)

The community on Blasted.de is the German speaking dartblaster community! In this series we’ll present a new awesome mod from the community once a week, every week.

Blaster of the Week

Even though L.K.Gen.I.U.S. (insane ultimate Strongarm) comes across a bit overconfident, the Nerf Strongarm that hides behind this name is really genius. The composition of colors and wear marks make the blaster just really nifty.

Original Post at Blasted.de
By Board User joypad_junk87

Modder to Modder

Here I would like to talk about the self-designed nameplate of the Blaster. In addition to the possibility of writing the new name simply with a sharpie by hand, there is the possibility to print decals or to ask in the forum for 3D printed or plotted from foil nameplates. A detail that is always a pleasure to look at.

Blasterparts Mod of the Week

We will continually post a Mod of the Week from here on and would love your support. Maybe you’d contribute a few sentences for our Modder to Modder section if we present your mod, make suggestions which mod should be next or discuss, ask and help one another with tips and tricks around our favourite hobby.

Author: SirScorp

Get now your own NERF – Dart Blaster and more on Blasterparts.com

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